Saturday, June 21, 2008

Create some really nice projects with these templates.....

I really need to stop surfing around the internet for scrapbooking and stamping ideas because I'm at the computer for an hour (or before I know it and then I'm flying around the house catching up on housekeeping chores and throwing together quick meals. Let me tell you......Rachel Ray has nothing on me when it comes to a terrific 30 minute hubby thinks I spend hours prepping for dinner and then cooking it.

Anyway....back to stamping, scrapping, and creating awesome envelopes. I found a site today that has some terrific envelope templates. The creator of the site, Ruthann Zaroff, has worked hard creating the templates and doesn't mind if we use her templates but she doesn't want them sold or auctioned.
Please see below:

Copyright 1999-2006 Mirkwood Designs, a division of These templates are free for your use to make craft items to give or sell, to use for teaching purposes, or for submitting projects to magazines. I would appreciate it if you provide a link to my Web site. The templates themselves may NOT be auctioned, sold, or published in any way without my permission.

Click here to enter Ruthann's template site. Enjoy and have fun creating!.....I'm going to, that's for sure! ;-)

Thanks for visiting My Den......Barbara

~~~> Now get busy! Have fun and get some ink on your fingers!

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Secret Crafter said...

Hi Barbara. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you did cos now I have found you and this wonderful site. I love those little thank you cards you have done. I'll add you to my favourites and keep popping back for a visit. Wendy x