Saturday, August 30, 2008

~ New Addition to Our Family ~


We have been blessed with this adorable 5 month old apricot Poodle puppy. She is so sweet and a bit's just so curious! She's our little Pisces pup....sweet, loving, and does not like being alone. We named her Bella.

We already have a Chihuahua named Nugget (short for "Chicken Nugget" She will be 9 in October.....our secretive, loner Scorpio darling.

Bella gets along well with Nugget and with my daughter Rachel's new puppy, a matter of fact, Bella and Wilson run and play and bark at each's TOO cute! Wilson is a Brussells Griffon. Nugget is a bit too old for all of that she's not real fond of Wilson right now. He's way too rowdy for her (Nugget).....but Nugget is the most timid, loving Chihuahua ever born; she's pretty accepting of this little rammy fella although she does what she can to ignore

You'll be seeing scrapbook pages with these 4-legged darlings in the future. ;-)
OH!!! And the "big guy" napping in the chair with Nugget and Bella ....... that's my husband. They are "nap partners" and all 3 of them are pretty darn spoiled!!! :-)


Sam said...

Aww how cute. Looking forward to seeing LOs with your new baby!
Sam x

De said...

The picture with Bella, Bucky and Nugget is priceless. And you can definitely tell from the pic of Wilson, Nugget and Bella that Nugget is trying her best to ignore Wilson and Wilson's like, LOOK AT ME! TOOO CUTE! If you ever need a dog sitter...

Tiffany Johnson said...

I am so jealous, you have the cutest pups!

Trinka said...

adorable poodle~ all the dogs are so cute together. Do they all get along?