Sunday, May 25, 2008

This is totally new to me, but I'm giving it a whirl.....Thanks're quite an inspiration. You got me hooked on our CTMH bulletin boards and now this! You are creating a monster....LOL....This is my first shot at this; I know I will get better at posting and web-designing as time goes on.
Please do drop in often; your visits are greatly appreciated and so is any creative-criticism.....Do know that my personality type is an INFJ....a blog and poll on that later. ;-)

On a more serious note.....Here's a bit about me and why I created this blog:
I am a CTMH consultant and I love, love, love to create scrapbook layouts, cards, stamping, and almost any paper creations. Close To My Heart is an AWESOME company. The paper packs that are put together for us scrappers and stampers are 1st class AND reasonable....Everything that I have created using the CTMH scrapbook kits....Level 1 and/or Level 2.....look like they are professionally done! Believe me.....I am not a professional scrapbooker (YET!! lol), it's the paper quality, the colors & patterns coordinated by CTMH, and the "recipes" provided to us by Close To My Heart.
Visit my CTMH website and see what this company is all about at
I truly love to teach new stamping techniques, embellishing techniques & ideas, and share anything new that I have learned.
After one of my classes, it's great to see how happy and amazed everyone is at what each of them had made......and to think they usually start off telling me that they "aren't that creative." Every class attendee finds out that they ARE creative; all they needed was to have a mapped goal and an easy route. THAT is what CTMH and a CTMH consultant can accomplish.
~~~Let me show you how easy it is.~~~
Another thing that I want to do with this site is to show the paper creations that I finish and share my thoughts about each project.
I also want to share our group activities and the fun that we have scrappin' and stampin'.

That's it for now.....Please drop in again......Have a magnificent week ahead and stay safe over the Memorial Day holiday.

God bless our troops; many, many hugs of appreciation to the troops that have given their lives to insure our freedom fighting for our country.

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De said...

Way to go girl! Looking forward to more!